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1992 Constitution has made coups impossible – NPP man ‘fights’ Atuguba

Raymond Atuguba Neeew Prof Raymond Atuguba

Thu, 3 Mar 2022 Source:

Prof Atuguba makes coup comment

Comment generates massive backlash

ECOWAS experiences wave of coups

Kwabena Sarpong, a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP, has taken on Dean of the School of Law at the University of Ghana, Prof Raymond Atuguba, for recent comments on the possibility of a coup.

The comments have, however, received lots of backlashes, especially from people in government.

According to Kwabena Sarpong, the current 1992 Constitution had been crafted in a way that a coup cannot be undertaken in Ghana.

He also pointed to the dangers of having the military in charge, citing among others that people like Atuguba wouldn’t have the freedom to say some of the things he is talking about now.

“Atuguba, you couldn’t have aid what you said (under military rule). With the democracy we are practising, this Constitution has made it impossible for a coup.

“We don’t even have to go there (discussing coups), this is an academic exercise we do in the classroom, you don’t even have to go on air. Back then, we did not have the 1992 Constitution in place. Those times when a judge could be sacked arbitrarily,” he stressed.

Tackling the basis for Atuguba’s statements, that is current economic conditions, Sarpong posed a rhetorical question: “Do you know that under a democratic dispensation, the economy rises and falls? Do you know that? There is no democracy in which the economy is constantly rising."

He continued: “Do you know what is called recession, by your logic, a coup is the only answer to a recession,” he charged adding that Atuguba would have been sacked by his current employers if he made such comments in the past.

“If we were in the old days, Atuguba, you will be fired by the university. Your statement could cost you your job. A junta will have sacked all striking university lecturers by now,” he added.

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