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2022 will be a year of accountability – Economic Fighters League

Nkrumahist movement and pressure group, the Economic Fighters League, has declared the year 2022 as a year of demanding absolute uprightness and accountability from people in authority in hopes of achieving the nation’s goal of economic progression and liberation.

The movement said it would place a close eye and ear on the government and its appointees to ensure no rot goes undetected.

Speaking on Mid Day Live on TV3 today, January 2, 2022, the Commander-in-Chief of the Fighters, Ernesto Yeboah, said the movement is ready and plans to involve the majority of Ghanaians in collectively demanding “for answers from those who enjoy our taxes as emoluments, salaries and whatever.”

“Basically, we are going to demand that every pesewa is accounted for and we are going to involve the people in this process,” he said

The Economic Fighters League, since its formation, has been demanding an end to rampant corruption and calling for economic liberation and an even distribution of the country’s social amenities.

The movement’s demands for economic equality gained nationwide attention when the #FixTheCountry movement was birthed in early April 2020.

Mr. Yeboah said 2022 will be the year where all patriotic Ghanaians will be roped in for the struggle to eliminate the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) duopoly that has brought about the mismanagement and underdevelopment of the country since 1992.

He said the structures that make and fuel the mismanagement can be attributed to the current system which ensures that “bad ones are actually the ones with power and control and instead, the good people are not interested in any of the fields or tables of position, they just want to mind their own business.”

Speaking on how to mitigate and chase the corrupt from power, Mr. Yeboah says we should and cannot leave the country’s political transformation to so-called career politicians.

“We are looking at entering the electoral space to give the people an alternative and we do not want to make the mistake we made in 2020 where Ghanaians did not have a credible alternative to vote for.”

Mr. Yeboah further said until there is excellent, credible, and honest governance, there is no rest for the Fighters and all well-meaning Ghanaians.
Source: 3news.com
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