22-year-old woman dragged on the floor by a driver over GH¢80 MoMo payment change

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Wed, 18 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Driver refuses to take MoMo payment

Nursing student has altercation with driver of Yango

Neighbours chase down driver for dragging woman on floor

A Yango driver believed to be in his 30s is in the grips of the police after he was arrested for dragging a passenger in front of her house after the two got into a disagreement over a change of GH¢80.

The victim, Sheila Taasha Osei-Boahene, a 22-year-old nursing student, speaking to GhanaWeb’s Kwame Adzaho-Amenortor, said that the altercation started after she wanted to pay her fare via Mobile Money.

She explained that after the driver refused to take payment via electronic means, she went into her house and brought him cash but when it was time for him to give her change, he rather wanted to pay her via MoMo.

To this, she refused, adding that this led to a verbal altercation between them.

“I took Yango – someone ordered it for me. I picked him from Mataheko to Adabraka and then the fare was GH¢19 but when we got to my destination, it changed to GH¢29. So, when we got there, I told him I’ll pay him with Mobile Money and then he told me that he did not want the Mobile Money so I went inside and brought him GH¢100 for him to give me my change but then he wanted to pay me with Momo. I told him no because he didn’t take mine. So, we argued about changing the money,” she said.

Sheila further explained that before she knew it, the driver had moved the car, dragging her along with it.

“I didn’t know he was about to move the car, and then he drove the car and dragged me on the floor till we got to a bumper and then I was able to free myself. And still, people were screaming and then he drove away, which means it was intentional,” she said.

With the help of some neighbours, the driver was chased down and handed over to the police.

The victim has since been in and out of the hospital, treating bruises that she had to her arms, her waist, her legs and her breasts.

Attempts to get the police to give an account have hit a snag but sources close to them say the driver was intoxicated from alcohol when he drove the victim.

The source added that police are currently investigating the case.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com