3-yr-old Michael is swelling up with no help to save his kidneys

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Mon, 12 Oct 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

It’s a devastating situation for Martha Addae, mother of 3-year-old Michael, who began swelling up, a year after his birth.

Michael has been diagnosed with a kidney disease; Nephrotic syndrome which has made life difficult for his parents.

The disease which sometimes occurs in children causes the body to produce more proteins into the kidneys than it should.

This, among other things, results in swelling, otherwise known as edema, in various parts of the body.

Michael, whose father is in debt because of monies he has borrowed from his cocoa business and his mother who only sold second-hand clothing before her baby’s condition, are only hoping for a miracle to save his life.

His mother, Martha, who narrated her ordeal to GhanaWeb’s Wonder Hagan revealed that Michael, who was directed by doctors to go for a bi-weekly review, has not been in the hospital for over a year; since November 2019, owing to the family’s finances.

Prescriptions from previous visits to the hospitals, she confirmed, are what she uses sometimes, to purchase medication from nearby drug stores.

As it stands, Michael has never stepped foot in a classroom because of his condition. If the delays persist, according to Dr. Amoah, a physician specialist at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, his condition may get worse and may lead to either lung diseases or in the worst case, a kidney failure.

Michael needs an average of GHc 12,000 to begin his treatment journey, if he will get any chance of living and being healthy again.

“I want to tell anyone who can help me that we are helpless because of Michael’s condition. All our hope is lost. We beg them to help us however they can. Even if it is an operation they will have to do, they should support me with money so I can take care of him and save his life,” these were Martha’s final plea to the general public.

Donations from persons willing to help will be duly appreciated and should be forwarded to mother of Michael.

Account Name: Martha Addae

Account: MTN

MOMO Number: 0543274678

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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