33-year-old Ghanaian who owns 4 buildings in the US shares his investment secret

Svtvvv US-based Ghanaian Felix Adjen

Sat, 25 Jun 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

US-based Ghanaian Felix Adjen says his plan to retire at age 45 has pushed him to invest in real estate in several cities in the USA.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, the 33-year-old disclosed how he managed to buy four buildings mainly for short stays.

According to Felix, his boss advised him to invest in real estate, and he heeded his advice.

“When I started, I moved from New York to Indiana and bought a house there. After five years, I saved up and made a down payment on another building in Indiana. I rented out the new building, but I never touched the income because I was still working.

I used that income for another four-bedroom house in Atlanta and stayed for a year. I made about 4000 dollars every month on just one room which is a lot. Eventually, I moved from Atlanta to Indiana and bought another house with the money saved up,” he told the host of Daily Hustle Worldwide, DJ Nyaami.

Moreover, the husband and father of three mentioned that he wants to retire at the age of 45 to make time for his family. He believes that his children will benefit from his investments.

“After the real estate, I decided to also look at transport business because it also pays a lot. I have bought a truck sitting at home to use when I retire. That’s why I want to retire in 12 years,” he explained.

Speaking on real estate in the US, Mr Adjen revealed that aside from the US, he has planned of establishing a business in Ghana, but “the Ghanaian economy is something, so you need to be there to run it. But I’m building a 16 or 32 bedroom.”

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Source: SVTV Africa
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