44 villages in Drobo State support the Anti-LGBTQI+ Bill, warns MP not to vote against it

Droboman Chief Nana Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, Paramount Chief of Drobo

Wed, 13 Oct 2021 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

Forty-four villages of Drobo State, led by the paramount chief, Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, have supported the passage of the anti-LGBTQI+ bill.

According to the villages, the activities of the LGBTQI+ community are alien to the cultural values of Ghanaians.

Addressing the media at Drobo after the deliberations, Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, said they are fully in support of the bill.

This was after the villages met this quarter to deliberate on the matter.

The deliberations involved the chiefs, assembly members, youth leaders, and identifiable groups in Drobo to express their opinions.

“We cannot allow our culture to be derailed by this. It is purely alien to us. It is not in our culture. Our religious beliefs as Christians, Muslims, or traditional religion, it is not in us to practice such acts”, he said.

He described the acts of gays and lesbians as an abomination and unacceptable in their communities.

According to him, the villages have by a unanimous decision consent to the bill, which would curtail the activities of the LGBTQ+ community.

The chiefs and people of Drobo have also issued a strong warning to their Member of Parliament (Jaman South constituency), Williams Okofo Darteh not to vote against the bill.

“We have warned our parliamentarian that he is to carry on with what we have sent him to do. This is what Droboman wants him to do. If he goes to do the contrary, then he has lost faith in us, and we will also lose faith in him, and come the next elections, we would decide on this”, the chief stated.

He also indicated that they have a way of dealing with persons who engage in such activities.

To him, activities of LGBTQI+ “are against the earth, God, and our ancestors”, and has, therefore, “informed all the chiefs to bring to our notice of any such acts so that the right rituals would be performed to cleanse the land, the ancestry, God, and the offender”.

Okokyeredom Sakyi Ako II, who is also the Vice President of the Bono Regional house of chiefs said traditional councils are expected to make their pronouncement on the bill.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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