99% of prominent NDC northerners do not support Mahama - Atubiga alleges

Stephen Atubiga Studio Stephen Atubiga is a former member of the NDC

Wed, 20 Oct 2021 Source: mynewsgh.com

A former member of the largest opposition political party National Democratic Congress (NDC) Stephen Atubiga has said that leading members of the NDC who are northern brothers have problems with the former President.

According to him, it’s about time John Dramani Mahama works at getting them on his side by apologizing to them for the neglect.

He said today, most northern brothers in the NDC have been rendered useless, abused and disrespected because John Dramani Mahama did not unite them and pulling them along.

Stephen Atubiga said the former President has been a "user" who dumps people when he is done using them to satisfy his parochial interest.

Atubiga believes that it’s time the broken bridges are mended and these Northern brothers brought to his side.

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JDM should be very worried why 99% of most prominent northern leaders are not happy with him today.

JDM must determine how swiftly he can ask for forgiveness. How his apology of neglect, deception will sound and look sincere to most of them. To enable him jdm get honest forgiveness. And Not political forgiveness from them.

JDM should be worried about why most influential northerners have given up on him.

Today as I speak now, most of our northern stakeholders and those who stood by Jdm to be president are either not on talking terms with him, or don’t want to hear anything about the jdm coming back.

When you ever listen to these people individually of their sacrifice for Jdm to become vice president and President And get to listen to their predicaments after. You will be wandering around why jdm? will there be tomorrow? And Balaam, tomorrow has just come that jdm needs another term in office.

Today, Most northerners in the NDC have been rendered useless, abused and disrespected, because of JDM failing to unite us and pulling us along.

Today it will be very difficult for a northerner to support another to be president again. Due to neglect and disrespect and u gratefulness.

I will not be surprised if the running mate slot always reserved for northerners is taken away in the NDC soon, due to disunity and greed.

I will be telling you all soon about their pains and issues against jdm. ( also captured in my book coming out soon.)

JDM must take a second look at using people and dumping them after getting what he wants. It’s like a hit a run game.

Jdm should remember any time he has power or wants power, and man demands nothing to help him achieve his dreams just for love’s sake, you jdm should also have one million reasons to be grateful to him with your achieved dreams.

May God give us a favor

Love you all.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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