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A Plus uses Kan Dapaah’s pyjamas, Captain Smart, Twene Jonas to send NPP ‘cryptic’ message

A Plus

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 Source: mynewsgh.com

Social media activist Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus says whereas opposition NDC supported and protected ‘slay Queen victim’ Kan Dapaah when his pyjamas scandal broke, the NPP rather used 'Papa no' against John Mahama without consideration.

According to him, it shows how the NPP lacks a sense of planning and strategy when it comes to politics, revealing it is one of their biggest mistakes.

He argued that NPP prefers to viciously attack its critics and through that, they make the critic more powerful to inflict more damage.

“One of the biggest mistakes NPP made when they won power was to think that the only way to deal with people who criticize them is to attack, and they can be vicious my God!! When Kan Dapaah’s pyjamas issue came out, big people in the NDC gave him all the support he needed as a friend. When one papano issue came up, though JM’s name was not mentioned, big NPP people were finding a way to implicate him. Even me, their person, their friend, their brother, they threatened me with jail me. Tried everything they could to shut me up. That is NPP for you” he wrote.

Read the rest of his article piece:

Unfortunately for them, these attacks have rather created many powerful voices against them over the years. The fact is that, when a powerful body attacks a small one, the less powerful one gets all the attention it desires to become powerful.

This is even scientific. In physics, we know that the velocity entering is the same as the velocity leaving right? (I know some people for the sake of arguments will come up with compressibility and the continuity equation where ρAV=constant. All those have already been factored in the above question, please. You are free to argue though). However, that is not all. Velocity leaving can change when an astronomical body with a higher gravitational pull gives attention to or allows a spacecraft into its atmosphere, (literally speaking) though velocity entering is equal to velocity leaving, in this instance, because the astronomical object is not just sitting there but is also moving, for instance, because the earth orbits the sun at about 29.78 km/s, and has a high gravitational pull the speed of the spacecraft approaching and leaving will increase.


This is why when a whole government allows Twene Jonas to enter its atmosphere by giving him attention like “We are in New York to look for Twene Jonas”, it doesn’t bring him down, it rather increases his following by over 70%. The attacks on Kevin Taylor has made him stronger and a very powerful voice. He has also become a monster aka Kakai.

Take Captain Smart as an example, I’m sure they have regretted touching him by now. They made sure he lost his job, but you see, it would have been better if he was left to do what he was doing at Angel TV. He has increased in velocity to become more popular and has a very powerful voice now. How many morning shows reach 300 viewers on Facebook? Few. Captain Smart reaches 13k viewers. Kind courtesy, NPP.

As for me Kwame A Plus, aka #halfmanhalfbosom, I have passed the stage where I have to prove anything to anyone at this stage, I’m only ensuring that I speak my mind but at the same time, maintain a healthy relationship with those who have supported me all these years and to also ensure that politics and differences in ideologies do not destroy my relationship with my friends and the sensible ones in the NPP.

I won’t be surprised if they have not leant from their mistakes. I know very well that around this time in 2025, they’ll put together a committee to investigate and write a report on why the elephant was chased back into the bush. If you don’t learn, nature will teach you by force!

Source: mynewsgh.com