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AMERI plant transfer to Kumasi good but don’t politicize it – Energy Analyst

Energy Analyst, Kwame Jantuah has appealed to politicians not to play politics with government’s takeover of the 250-megawatt Ameri power production plant and its subsequent relocation Kumasi.

According to him, the move is a country strategy to handle power generation and not an Ashanti regional strategy.

He said although the move is a positive one, the media has a huge role to play in order not to allow politicians to play politics with it and mar its significance to the country.

“For me, it’s a good thing if we have generating plants dotted everywhere to make it possible to have constant power...we should very careful we do not politicize this particular move.

"This is a country strategy; it is not an Ashanti strategy. The moment you politicize it the NPP will say you people moved Ameri to Ashanti but who brought Ameri?

He said “I think the media has a huge responsibility here, any politician that tries to politicize this you(the media) have got to stop them in their tracks because it is a strategic move and not for politics"

Mr. Jantuah raised some concerns on what appears to be a lack of proper planning for the effective operationalization of the Ameri Power plant when it arrives in Kumasi

“Have we got the gas infrastructure in place before moving the Plant to Kumasi, because Ameri uses gas. What you would have expected is that by the time the plant got to Kumasi the gas infrastructure should already be in place. This means we have to wait for that to happen.”

He added “the most important thing about this all is the cost. It will be good for government to indicate how much it has cost us to move the plant from Aboadzi to Kumasi, how much it will cost to put in the gas infrastructure so that in the end, there will be no problem”.
Source: gbcghanaonline.com
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