Abu Imoro: The incredible 'football twin' of Abedi Pele whose career was ruined by drugs

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On Thursday, June 28, 2022, Ghana football received sad news about the passing of Ghana Premier League icon, Abu Imoro.

Those who saw the midfielder play offer their condolences while recalling what a gifted footballer he was in the 1980s.

Abu Imoro's name is synonymous with Abedi Pele, the three-time African Footballer of the Year. The story of Imoro cannot be told without mentioning Abedi.

They played together from the colt's level to the early years of their professional careers.

They were both excellent, but some argue that Imoro was superior. Nonetheless, they were dubbed the "football twins" by many.

The duo were simply incredible. They rode teams like Barcelona's iconic duo, Xavi and Andreas Iniesta.

Their journey begins at Great Farcos and continues through Green Hill International School, Real Tamale United, and the Black Stars. One could only imagine their chemistry on the field for a duo who had played together for that long.

"From Farcos. He is a boy from New Town. Most of the time, after training, it will be very late for me to go home, so I would stay with him, and the friendship grew," Abedi shared his relationship with Imoro.

Imoro's physique, poise, and skill set were comparable to that of former France great Amadou Jean Tigana, earning him the moniker Abu Imoro' Tigana.' He was nothing less than a carbon copy. Others dubbed him 'KyenKyenhene.'

"When I played football, I hurt people," he said in a viral video sighted by GhanaWeb.

The deft schemer is best remembered for his time with Real Tamale United (RTU) and Great Olympics in the '80s.

At RTU, they formed a fearsome team with Lukeman Aduada, Sule Musah, Mohammed Choo, Tanko Jentuama, and the maestro, Abedi Pele, that clubs were afraid to play against.

After a short time, veteran football administrator Harry Zakour and former Sports Minister Enoch Teye Mensah persuaded him to join the Great Olympics.

Seeing Abu Imoro sitting comfortably at number 6, orchestrating the games with dazzling skills and intelligent passes, was mesmerising for Olympics fans.

Imoro was a nightmare for his opponents, but his fans enjoyed seeing him in his elegance.

Imoro's incredible talent was lost, literally, because of drugs. Whereas his 'twin', Abedi, went on to become an international icon.

"When I went into drugs, I regretted it very much. I will advise them not to go near drugs. They are now coming up, and if you want to play, don't move into drugs; keep yourself out," Imoro cautioned young footballers in an interview with TV3.

Imoro had to go to rehab in the few years before his death after years of drug abuse.

He pleaded in another TV3 piece on him in 2021 that he wants to quit drugs because they aren't helping him.

"I entered into drugs, and the drug is not good for me, so I want to stop. I want to go to rehabilitation," he softly pleaded.

Some unnamed people funded his rehabilitation a few months after the interview.

Imoro appeared to be doing well after rehab, but he did not last long and died on Thursday.

Author: Emmanuel Enin


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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