Active involvement of Christians in politics will promote political integrity – Rev Ofori-Boateng

Rev. Akua Ofori Boateng Rev. Akua Ofori-Boateng

Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: happyghana.com

Director of Programs at the Anglican Diocese of Accra, Rev. Akua Ofori-Boateng, has shared what she believes Ghanaian Christians can do to promote integrity in government.

Speaking at a Consultative Dialogue organized by the Institute for Christian Impact(ICI), she highlighted that, year in year out various governments are blamed for the lack of integrity, forgetting that, “Integrity in governance begins at the individual level.”

She argued that doing what is right and acceptable before God as a Christian nation must start with the Christian citizen and in the case of Ghana, “that is you and I.”

She mentioned that, Christians have so many responsibilities when it comes to maintaining integrity in government.

“The 10 commandments I believe outlines the most fundamental of them but, our issue is that Ghanaians are not placing a premium on what is right and acceptable in the eyes of God,” she shared.

The woman of God believes that, it is the responsibility of Christians to maintain integrity in governance by, “providing effective moral checks and balances for those in government to ensure that they are doing what is right and acceptable before God.”

Using the example of King Hosea in 2Chronicles 6:16, she said, “I know we have a constitution that creates a system of checks and balances by sharing power between the Judiciary, Executive and the Legislature. However, throughout scripture we see that despite the laid out government system of Israel, every king who ruled had a prophet Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Zakariah who was trumpeting the word of God at the same time they ruled but we don’t see this in our country.”

Rev. Akua insists that, the responsibility as Christian citizens is to serve as the moral checks and balances for those who lead in circular roles.

“The second responsibility I believe we have as Christians is to ensure integrity in government is to participate in the sub session planning of this nation”.

Source: happyghana.com