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Adina shares inspiring lesson she has drawn from Rawlings’ life

Ghanaian-South African born songstress Adina Thembi has shared her learnings from what the late Former President’s did while he was alive.

According to her, the former President exuded humility and made the most out of his youthful life. She adds that these features of the former President Rawlings inspires her to make the most out of her life while remaining humble.

Sharing these thoughts with Y97.9FM’s Nana Quasi-Wusu on the ‘Dryve of Your Lyfe’ show, she said: “I like the fact that he made the most whilst he was in his youth. We have so many videos all over the internet and the TV, now, of how he will get his hands dirty when people were working and he never felt like ‘oh I am the president or I am a leader so I am not going to get my hands dirty’. That shows how selfless he was and how he was always ready for action. Once you feel you dream about it, go for the action. That’s really inspiring to me because I am at a stage in my life where I need to apply myself in other aspects of life. So to see him in that regard making the most of his youth; that is very inspiring to me”.

Adina revelled the fact that she had the privilege of getting closer to former President Rawlings by performing for him on certain special occasions.

“It was always an honour for me to perform for him. I can’t even explain. I always felt honoured when I was called on that platform. For me, when I was growing up listening to stories about him, when he was in power, all I saw was him on TV and documentaries. So to grow up and come experience it or for the family to call my mum and say ‘we want Adina to perform for us’, I mean the first thing you think is ‘oh wow I must be doing something right’. And then it is just such an honour. But that means you have to give it your all.

There was a time I performed for him and he shed tears. I think my performance was a surprise the family gave to him. That was fulfilling”, she shared.

Adina Thembi is one of the musicians who have on many occasions performed for the late former President and his family.

Former President Rawlings died on 12 November 2020 at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, a week after having been admitted for a “short term illness”.
Source: e.TV Ghana
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