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Adwoa Safo’s aide opens up about boss' absence

Personal Aide to Member of Parliament for Dome-Kwabenya, Nana Dubin Kwapong, has responded to allegations that his boss, Sarah Adwoa Safo is deliberately staying away from parliament to sabotage government.

There have been suggestions by some colleague NPP MPs that Adwoa Safo has decided to deliberately stay out of the country and parliament despite having knowledge that her presence is needed to form a quorum for voting on the E-Levy.

They believe these actions are deliberate by the MP who according to them wants to drum home a message.

Reacting to this in an interview with TV3 however, Nana Dubin Kwapong described the claims as unfortunate and ridiculous.

According to him, Adwoa Safo is merely being victimized to the advantage of some NPP elements.

“Whatever is happening now if you ask me, is just for lack of a better word, an agenda by certain people within the party who feel if these things happen, it inures to their benefit. It is not to the benefit of the party but an individual agenda that some people are trying to project and make it seem like there’s something being done against the party. No, far from that.

“People feel they can ride on her absence and push a certain agenda which they believe will go in their interest,” he said.


Nana Dubin Kwapong further noted that, contrary to the assertion that she intends to through her absence, sabotage government’s efforts to pass the E-Levy bill, Adwoa Safo is in total support of the E-Levy and will duly be present to vote when it is presented.

“As far as I’m speaking to the E-levy, it is something Honorable [Sarah Adwoa Safo] supports and when she comes to town, she will definitely be in Parliament to support its passage. All things being equal she will be in town next week,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nana Dubin Kwapong has assured that the absence of the MP will in no way affect work in her constituency as projects are still ongoing.

“Even though she is not around, there is still some works going on in the constituency and as far as the common fund is concerned, she doesn’t need to be present for the common fund to be utilized for the benefit of the people,” he maintained.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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