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Afia Schwarzenegger speaks on getting 'kicked off' a flight

Afia Schwar accused of getting drunk before a flight

Afia Schwar says she travelled to visit her boyfriend abroad

Tracey Boakye hosts United Showbiz

Television personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, has claimed that a Ghanaian she met on a flight was behind the viral clip that captured her in a confrontation with a flight attendant.

Some persons on social media alleged that Afia was kicked out for abusing alcohol before her flight, an assertion she has declined to address, adding that she doesn't owe the public an explanation.

When actress, Tracey Boakye on Saturday, May 7, 2022, sat in as a guest host on United Showbiz, she posed this question to her confidant, "Why did you drink so much to board a flight."


According to Afia Schwarzenegger, all the years she served as a cabin crew made her privy to the rules, and therefore, she is the last person to get drunk and still board a flight or fight a crew member.

"I am a cabin crew by profession so before I board an aircraft, I know the dos and don'ts. What will make me lose my license forever as a cabin crew? When I fight in a plane, I can lose my license forever. I will therefore not misbehave at a place where I've got something valuable to lose.

"I still have my licenses so If I decide to work on a plane, I will have to go back to the classroom and write all my exams again. When I pass with a 90% I can work. That is the only explanation I'll give on the subject. You guys can think whatever. I personally paid for a Business Class ticket to go have some fun with my boyfriend. I didn't inform Ghanaians about my travelling plans therefore whatever happened is non of anyone's business...let's assume I had taken alcohol, is it a crime?" she quizzed.

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