Aflao: NDC wants 14 road barriers removed, rubbishes Dery’s ‘terrorist, covid’ excuses

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Wed, 16 Mar 2022 Source: classfmonline.com

The National Democratic Congress in the Volta Region has expressed its dissatisfaction with what it describes as the unsatisfactory answers given by the Minister for the Interior, Mr Ambrose Dery, to the question posed by Ms Dzifa Gomashie, the Member of Parliament for Ketu South in the region, concerning the number of approved security barriers on the Aflao to Accra highway.

The Minister, in his answer to the question, termed some barriers as snap checkpoints which serve as a second layer to prevent the entry of terrorists and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Mr Sorkpa K. Agbleze, the NDC’s Volta Regional Communication Officer, expressed this dissatisfaction in a statement he signed.

According to him, the NDC sees this explanation as a deliberate attempt by the Minister for the Interior to hoodwink the people to believe Covid-19 and terrorist attacks are the reasons for the barriers.

“Nobody is impressed with this worrying misrepresentation by the Minister, except those who are delighted with the suffering of the people affected,” the statement said.

It explained that the many snap checkpoints on the Aflao-Accra, Ho-Accra Highway, makes no security sense when the country’s borders are porous.

“Lessons across the sub-region prove this is not the best strategy in preventing terrorists from entering the country,” it added.

The statement stressed that the phenomenon of Boko Haram in Nigeria, Chad, and Cameron is a result of their porous borders, same applies to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb or AQIM in the Sahel regions including northern Mali, southern Algeria, and northern Niger.

The statement said if terrorists have taken a foothold in these countries because of their porous borders, it will be prudent and appropriate for Ghana to strengthen its porous borders to prevent terrorists from entering the country.

It further said the position of the Minister of Interior that checkpoints are to prevent terrorists and Covid-19 is difficult to accept under prevailing circumstances.

“Should we allow terrorists free entry into the country, through our porous borders, before pursuing them through our inland snap checkpoints”? the NDC queried.

In addition, NDC Volta also said it finds the position of the Minister that the barriers are to prevent the spread of Covid -19, not only absurd but also unscientific.

“How can the numerous security checkpoints without any Covid - 19 surveillance tests be a check on its spread?” the NDC asked

The NDC in the Volta Region is, therefore, calling on the Minister of Interior for the quick removal of the 14 snap checkpoints/barriers on the Aflao-Accra, Ho-Accra Highway because, in their view, they constitute a frustrating impediment to the free movement of citizens rather than providing any form of security for them.

“We see the position of the Minister that the borders will not be opened soon and the call on those affected by the closure to access the Obatampa Agricultural programme as not being in touch with reality.

The Minister must be aware that the majority of the people do not qualify to access funds from the Obatampa programme with GCB, ABSA, etc, hence, his recommendation is out of touch with the reality confronting the suffering masses,” the NDC stated.

The NDC in the Volta Region affirmed its belief in the removal of the barriers on the Accra to Aflao Highway and the quick and unconditional opening of the Aflao Border in accordance with the timetable given by the ECOWAS Heads of states since according to them, the majority of the people along the border are suffering from acute starvation and loss of their livelihood

Source: classfmonline.com