Africa is the key to everything on Earth – Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings

Member Of Parliament For Klottey Korle, Dr. Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings

Fri, 27 May 2022 Source: etvghana.com

Activist and Member of Parliament for the Klottey Korle constituency, Hon. Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings believes that Africa is the key to everything on this planet.

From her point of view, there is a lot of talent, resources and potential in Africa, however, Africans seem not to know how much potential they possess and how they can change the world by utilizing their potential and resources.

“There’s so much potential, amazing people, the diversity and resources we have. Africa is the key to everything on this planet but we don’t see it clearly because not enough is being done to turn that potential into the reality of what it ought to be”, she said.

She said this in an interview with host, Eunice Tornyi on etv Ghana’s African Women’s Voices show.

She explained that, “This is the land of my birth and this is where my spirit feels at ease. I lived abroad for many years but I never felt settled until I came back home”. She added that if Africans realize what they have and find ways to utilize these resources and talents properly, the continent will see a lot of progress.

Source: etvghana.com