African leaders must embrace entrepreneurship training for job creation - Mba

SMEs Have Been Advised To Look At The Ghana Alternative Market To Raise Money For Their Businesses M Entreprenuership and innovation key for job creation

Sun, 16 Jan 2022 Source: GNA

African countries need to embrace Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme to halt terrorism and save the youth from using unorthodox ways of traveling to other continents for non-existent jobs.

"We are faced with the fact of passing out fresh, vibrant minds, who after National Service are subjected to the pressures of unemployment. The unemployed youth will begin to lose patience and patriotism by seeing nepotism and corruption in the search for jobs."

Prince Bagnaba Mba, President of Forum for Equity who stated this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra said"Terrorism recruits the hungry and mental pliable to havoc harm."

He said using innovative entrepreneurial training would create more job opportunities and halt the crave for white-collar jobs as the only means of livelihood.

That, Mr Mba said would also curtail the daily loss of lives African youth experience in their search for greener pastures elsewhere.

"This is the African dilemma that needs a joint continental confrontational approach. We have lost hundreds of thousands trying to cross the angry coastal waves to the greener pastures and those willing to diligently serve are frustrated by recycling leadership."

He said until the whole continental youth power was gainfully employed,the modern day slavery would continue to hold Africans captive for a long time.

"We need education with the right type of mindset."

Mba added:" Visionary leaders without compromise, and sincerity the key of progress. Loans for meaningful developments should not be condemned. It's only when you are credit worthy that development partners are prepared to help."

He also called on citizens to offer suggestions that would empower African leaders to take up more challenging policies and avoid empty criticisms.

"We as citizens should not just be condemning government policies without alternatives."

Source: GNA