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Ahmed Suale murder: You’re chopping off our confidence with your delays – Amnesty Int’l to Police

Country Director for Amnesty International, Mr Robert Akoto Amoafo has described as unfortunate and disappointing, the pace at which the country’s security apparatus is handling the case involving the gruesome murder of investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale.

Ahmed Suale, who was a key member of Investigative Team; Tiger Eye was shot dead at his residence at Madina by unknown assailants.

News of his murder grabbed national attention, especially because of his role in the Number 12 documentary which broght the entire Ghana Football Association and its former President Kwesi Nyantakyi to its knees.

Suale’ death also sparked a conscious movement from the Ghana Journalist Association, as well as many national and international organizations who called for immediate action from the police. His family ‘barked’ for justice.

But very little has been seen as far as results in the fight for justice is concerned, a year on and many, including Mr. Akoto Amoafo believe the delays on the part of the police merely exposes the deficiencies in the country’s justice system and diminishes the trust Ghanaians have in the police service.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ghanaweb, Robert Akoto said, “If they don’t do their work as expected and if we don’t get any concrete feedback on how far they’ve gone on the issue of Ahmed Suale, and they delay, then they keep weakening and chopping off our confidence in the justice system and their ability to support us to ensure that justice is delivered to those who deserve it the most.”

He called on the police service to do better and put in more towards the achievement of justice for the family of Ahmed as it will go a long way to rekindle the confidence of Ghanaians in the system, as well as redeem their image which consistently is diminishing.

“It’s quite sad that it’s been over a year and the police haven’t come out with any concrete information about Ahmed Suale who was killed and we are still concerned that justice is being delayed for our brother because we all know what happened and what the next steps are to get closer to the case so it is rather unfortunate and sad that we haven’t heard anything,” he said.

Further adding, “I would say it is quite slow and their commitment to ensuring that we get justice for Suale will mean a lot to a lot of people in different ways. If investigations are done and the proper follow-ups are done, then it will blow the confidence of the journalists and for somebody like me, it will build my confidence in the justice system and the police, taking very much note of the fact that the police is the entry system for the justice system in Ghana.”

Meanwhile, the Anas Coalition on social media has released an artistic impression of the supposed assailants involved in the murder.

The Police CID is also assuring that concrete work has been done as far as following up on the case is concerned.

Public Relations Officer of the Criminal Investigations Department, DSP Juliana Obeng, speaking at the one-year anniversary to commemorate the murder of Ahmed Suale, said the Ghana Police Service over the last 12-months has not relented in its efforts to bring the perpetrators of the murder to book.

“A lot of information has been gathered and I say at this moment on behalf of the Ghana Police Service that tremendous progress has been made on the case.’
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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