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Ahmed's death: I suspect Anas is behind the act - Kofi Akpaloo

Founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana, Kofi Akpaloo has accused leader of Tiger Eye PI team, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, of being the brain behind the gruesome killing of his team member.

Kofi Akpaloo believes strongly that the conduct of Anas after the news broke out about the death of his late colleague leaves much to be desired.

He asserts that Anas has deployed a diversionary tactic to divert attention from him and put the blame on other people insisting that until the Police report is out, he of the strongest convictions that Anas is behind the killing.

"His action is trying to divert attention. For me, until the police come out with their conclusion, I will still have that in mind that I am not sure any other person might have done this apart from Anas" Kofi Akpaloo emphasised.

The death of Ahmed Hussein-Suale he argues should not be looked at in isolation as there have been other similarly mysterious deaths that could be linked to Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

On the back of this suspicion, Kofi Akpaloo has urged the police to broaden their investigations by inviting Anas and all other members of the Tiger Eye PI team for thorough scrutiny as they are the most likely perpetrators of the crime.

Buttressing his point for the police to look beyond the widely speculated suspects of Kennedy Agyapong and Kwesi Nyantekyi, Kofi Akpaloo stressed "even Anas and the Tiger Eye PI must be called and interrogated because me, I suspect Anas is behind the killings. You there was one guy called Hafiz, who accused Anas of taking GHC50, 00 from him and the guy died mysteriously and because if you are a Muslim and you die they just go and bury you - to me, that guy they have to do a lot of post-mortems on how he died because he died mysteriously and then this guy is also dead but we have forgotten about that Hafiz guy. So Anas should be called."

In addition to the people the Police have already called up for interrogation, the Founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana is of the view that those who have been affected by Anas' expose should not be sidelined.

Minority's comments are irresponsible - Kofi Akpaloo

The 2016 Presidential Aspirant of the Liberal Party of Ghana meanwhile chided Minority over what he describes as 'irresponsible comments' they made concerning Ahmed's death.

Kofi Akpaloo accused them of being petty and seeking to score political points with their utterances and allegations.

He found it strange that the Minority will point accusing fingers at Assin Central legislator, Kennedy Agyapong, linking him to the murder of the late Tiger Eye PI member.

In his estimation, Kennedy Agyapong did nothing wrong exposing the image Anas Aremeyaw Anas' colleague; stressing that the only point at which he erred was allowing himself to get carried away by rage.

"The call from Minority is irresponsible. Asking that they should arrest him for what? What has he done wrong? I don't see that he has done anything wrong. Kennedy Agyapong hasn't done anything wrong" Kofi Akpaloo remarked.

He alleged in the interview with Ghanaweb that if there is anyone to be accused of inflaming passion and fueling hatred among the populace, then Anas should be the one to be blamed.

His numerous expose's on people alleged to have been involved in wrongdoing the 2016 flagbearer aspirant noted, has the potential to enrage people who have in one way or the other been affected by the actions of such people.

citing the judges' undercover work and saga, Kofi Akpaloo averred "he (Anas) broadcast to the whole world that there were some judges who were receiving bribes among other things. Assuming you had a case recently, and this same judge they are showing happened to be the one on your case, you lost the case. What are they telling you to do? They are inflaming passion, they are inflaming hatred, because the moment you see it and identify the judge as someone who put you in jail, the moment you leave jail, you will go after the judge because I have the conviction that he has taken money. So we have to condemn Anas' videos"

Ahmed was shot three times, twice in the chest and another in the neck by unidentified men on motorbike late last Wednesday night while driving.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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