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Akufo-Addo government on right track - IMANI

The Akufo-Addo-led government has started on the right footing with regards to governance in its first 100 days, Kofi Bentil, Vice President of IMANI Ghana, has said.

According to him, although there have been a few hitches, especially security breaches, the results of the overall assessment of the government in the first few weeks have been good.

Speaking to GHOne television on Tuesday April 18, Mr Bentil, also a private legal practitioner, said: “Our view is that generally speaking, the government is on track. There are a number of things that we would have expected would have more effects, for instance reducing the cost of energy for the average person. But it is our view that, generally speaking, the government is on track.

“There are certain things that have happened, for instance, security breaches which I think are important. But we must take them in context, we should not think that because of that particular occurrence the whole security system is in shambles. We think that if the government continues in this fashion, it is likely that it will achieve most of its promises.

“The 100 days is not enough time to judge anything. It is just enough time to give indicators. Indicators will just give you a certain sense of how well something is going to move, so based on that alone we can say that what we have seen is more positive and we think that if they continue like this they are likely to achieve most of their promises.”

He added: “It is not just the promises they must focus on. They must focus on the things that are important. For instance, the security problems, we think they must give it the focus. If you take for instance the Free SHS, the promise to make it free, much as it has been controversial, it is a good one. We have had to question them about it, but we think that the approach that they are using is a good approach, to start small and then grow it for some time before it is complete. But in the mean time they must also take a hard look at the junior levels especially. Even though it may not be in their promise we think it is a very important thing that they must do.”

Source: classfmonline.com
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