Akufo-Addo, others honoured by the Pan-African Writers Association

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PAWA is 30 years

Buhari, others attend PAWA awards ceremony in Ibadan

Reps from 31 African countries attend PAWA's 30th anniversary awards in Nigeria

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, were among a select group of dignitaries who were honoured by the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) at its just-concluded Conference and General Assembly which took place in Ibadan, Nigeria.

The awards, which were in recognition of Ghana’s support for PAWA since it was founded 30 years ago, were received on behalf of President Akufo-Addo and the minister by the Chief Director of the MOTAC, John Agbeko.

Speaking on behalf of the government of Ghana, he expressed the government’s happiness at PAWA’s success story in its 30 years of existence.

John Agbeko also confirmed the continued support of the Government of Ghana to the Association.

Other awardees at the event were the Nigerian President, President Muhammed Buhari; his Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo; three Nigerian State Governors, the CEOs of the Of Ford Foundation and MTN Nigeria, among other dignitaries.

Leading the pack of Literary giants who were conferred with the Esteemed Patron of the Arts Award at the event was the pioneer PAWA Secretary General, Professor Atukwei Okai, with a posthumous.

Other awardees in this category were Professor Femi Osofisan, Professor Dan Izevbaye, John Rusimbi, Professor Egara Kabaji, Professor Anate Koumealo, Dr Lance Nawa, among others.

The conference was under the theme; LITERATURE SINCE MAKERERE 1962; The African Writers’ Pan African Agenda For Peace, Security And Cultural Development which was held in collaboration with the Nigerian Academy Of Letters (NAL) and the Association Of Nigerian Authors (ANA) was open to the public, the General Assembly on June 25 2022 was restricted to PAWA delegates from National Writers Associations.

The General Assembly which would be the first to take place in 28 years, was attended by National Writers Organizations from; Liberia, Togo, Congo, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Zambia, Niger, Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Malawi, Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania, Cote D’ivore, Uganda, Gabon, Cameroun, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Chad, Benin, Guinea, Burundi and Mali.

Apologies were received from National Writers Organizations from; Somaliland, Djibouti, South Africa, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Angola, Tunisia and Lesotho.

In a communique released at the end of the General Assembly, PAWA reiterated its commitment to the Association’s Ideas and Principles which included;

a. The defense of freedom of expression for all Africans and the material and spiritual interests of African writers and their Associations

b. Promotion of literacy and the eradication of illiteracy in Africa

c. The encouragement of the inclusion of African literary works in the curriculum of educational institutions:

d. Promotion of African languages and the translation of African literature into African languages

e. The promotion of research into recording and retrieving of lost or undiscovered African heritage whether on the Continent, in the Diaspora or in museums and libraries of the world

f. The promotion of peace and understanding in Africa and the world through literature

g. Inclusion of Literary activities for young writers in all PAWA’s activities.

PAWA also called on the various African Governments to urgently fulfil their financial obligations to PAWA in order to enable the Association fully actualize its mandate as laid down by its founding fathers.

In line with PAWA’s constitution, the General Assembly elected the following Writers into its Council to steer the affairs of the Association for the next three years:

a. Hon John Rusimbi President

b. Dr Wale Okediran Secretary General

c. Mr Elfatih Hamadto Vice President (North Africa)

d. Madam Imela Oyono Anyigono Vice President (Central Africa)

e. Prof Koumealo Anate Vice President (West Africa)

f. Prof Egara Kabaji Vice President (East Africa)

g. Ms Monica Mpambawashie Vice President (Southern Africa)


Hon John Rusimbi (President) Dr Wale Okediran (Secretary General)

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