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Akufo-Addo was wrongly briefed on the autonomy of GFA – Foh Amoaning

Private legal practitioner and a member of the three-man 2014 World Cup Commission of Enquiry Moses Foh Amoaning, says President Akufo-Addo has been “wrongly briefed” on the autonomy of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The President in a meet the press session with the media at the Flagstaff House on Wednesday said the government would not interfere in the administration of football in the country.

“My understanding is that the rules of Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), makes the GFA an independent organisation.

“And that those who are involved in football administration in the country would deal with issues of mismanagement if there is one. It is a basic rule and FIFA is insistent on that. There should be no executive interference in the administration football anywhere,” the President said.

But according to Foh Amoaning, the president’s view on the autonomy of the Football Association was wrong adding that it is not the correct position of international law.


Amoaning said that is inaccurate to think that that the GFA is autonomous and cannot be controlled.

He said that there is no international law backing the autonomy of Associations, such as GFA and it's mother body - FIFA.

“He (President) has not been briefed properly about the autonomy of the GFA. FIFA itself is not autonomous. If you read our report there is a whole section on Ghana’s relationship with FIFA, where we discussed the international law position on the so-called autonomy of FIFA.

“We discussed the international law position on the matter. It is not true that any international organisation can be a law in itself. Because in international laws, it is the state parties or countries that have the sovereign power. So if an international association thinks they can act on their own, it is not true,” he stressed.

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