Alan Kyerematen’s rebuke of Hopeson Adorye apt - Nana Boakye

 Dennis Amfo Sefah, Former NPP Tema West Chairman, Dennis Amfo-Sefah

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 Source: Richard Asamoah

Immediate past Chairman of the Tema West constituency branch of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Dennis Amfo-Sefah, has described as sagacious, the response that Trade Minister, Alan Kyerematen has given following controversial comment that Mr. Adorye made in favour of his presidential ambition.

In an interview, Mr. Amfo-Sefah, who is popularly called Nana Boakye said Alan Kyerematen’s rebuke to Hopeson Adorye shows the Trade Minister is also peace-loving in addition to being wise.

“If Mr. Kyerematen were to be somebody else, he would either support the statement by Hopeson Adorye or simply keep quiet. However, he has responded sagaciously by rebuking Hopeson Adorye,” Nana Boakye said.

He went to ask, “how many people can do that?”

In a statement responding to Mr. Adorye’s declaration that it is now the turn of the Busia gate of the NPP, of which Alan Kyerematen is seen as a leading representative, to become the party’s flagbearer after the Danquah gate, led by President Akufo-Addo has had its turn, the Trade Minister said it was disrespectful.

“It is impossible or inappropriate, to diminish or distort the fundamental contributions and stature of any of the founding fathers of the NPP tradition” said the statement.

He also decried what he said is a dangerous trend “in our body politics in Ghana, of using misinformation and propaganda in instigating disunity along ethnic, religious and political lines.”

“Let us all pull together, and focus on the task of emerging victorious, in the challenging times we are faced with today as a country.

“I stand for Unity!” he stressed.

Over the weekend, Hopeson Adorye had attended a health walk organized by some NPP youth in the Ashanti region in the name of Alan Kyerematen.

Addressing the “Aduro Woso” (it is your turn) health walk, Hopeson Adorye had said that it is now the turn of the Busia gate of the NPP to lead the party after the Danquah gate had had its turn with Akufo-Addo implying Alan Kyerematen is due to be the next party flagbearer.

“The NPP has a tradition. Our tradition is Busia, Danquah and Dombo. Danquah represents Eastern Region and the bottom (south), Busia represents the Ashanti Region and the Bono areas, while Dombo represents the Northern Region. The Dombos are always in the mix and fit as running mates to either a Danquah candidate or a Busia candidate. That tradition must continue.”

This analysis by Hopeson Adorye has since generated controversy with reports that he had denigrated Northerners who are represented by the Dombo gate in the NPP.

According to Nana Boakye, the Trade Minister deserves to be applauded for the comment by the NPP and Ghanaians in general.

“This is the kind of firmness and maturity you want from a presidential material,” Nana Boakye said adding that “you can trust such a man to keep our country together if he is president.

This means a President Alan Kyerematen would discipline his own if he becomes president.”

Source: Richard Asamoah
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