All hydrants in the Makola enclave are functional - GWCL

Makola Fire GNFS .png Makola market on fire

Fri, 9 Jul 2021 Source: GNA

The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) says all fire hydrants in the Makola enclave in Accra are in good shape.

The GNFS in a press briefing during the Makola Market fire disaster which razed a multi-storey building, claimed that the firemen could not access water from the hydrants around because they were sealed.

Mr Emmanuel Johnson, Accra East Regional Manager, GWCL, reacting, in a press briefing, said the allegations were untrue, saying, the hydrants at the Accra Central Business District were opened and operational.

He said the Accra Central Business District, which was under the region, had 70 hydrants of which 11 were at the Makola Market enclave which were all operational during the incident.

“There’s no non-functioning Fire hydrant within the Central Business District, for that matter, we don’t see the need for GNFS to request for hydrants to be reopened,” he reiterated.

Mr Johnson said the Company could not be blamed in any way for the inability of the GNFS to put out the fire at the market to the expectations of the public.

He said they had provided adequate hydrants in the Central Business District and ensured that they were in good condition for use by the Fire Service before the incident.

“On July 5, 2021, when the building at Makola was on fire, GWCL was surprised to see GNFS fire tenders trooping into the Regional Office for water, when there was water flowing within the CBD and the hydrants were in good condition,” he added.

The Regional Manager said the GNFS should adhere to its standard operating procedures and stop blaming others for their shortcomings.

Source: GNA
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