Amnesty for galamseyers: Nana Akomea slams Mahama, NDC

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Thu, 22 Sep 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Managing Director of the Intercity STC, Nana Akomea, has slammed former president John Dramani Mahama and the NDC for comments in the past about possibly granting amnesty to illegal miners if they were voted for.

In October 2020, then flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama had promised the people of Odum-Banso in the Western Region that when voted into power, he will grant amnesty to all arrested galamsey operators.

Addressing the Chiefs and people of the community, Mr. Mahama stated that his administration will give these offenders a second chance to better their lives as the NPP administration had dealt poorly with them.

“When we come into power, I will grant amnesty to everyone who was arrested for operating in galamsey. I believe that these operators are remorseful towards any unlawful activities, so we will give them another chance,” Mahama is quoted to have said.

Recounting these words by the former president, Nana Akomea said John Mahama’s comments which were for votes defies the country’s fight against galamsey which he once took the decision against.

Nana Akomea’s comments come on the back of recent reactions by the NDC following the rearrest of galamsey kingpin, Aisha Huang.

Members of the NDC, have accused government for among other things, massaging issues regarding Aisha Huang’s prosecution, resulting in her return to the country after her deportation in 2018.

Some NPP members have however countered their arguments, suggesting that they have equally made comments in the past that have sought to frustrate the fight against galamsey.

Speaking to Okay FM monitored by GhanaWeb Nana Akomea said the fight against galamsey will have no impact if a former leader makes such a statement for political advantage.

"...if we continue like this in the country were because of politics and small votes, a former president will speak like this, and his party members will go with people, to beg for galamsey miners for vote with a promise that they will be given jobs. If we go on like this, how can we win the fight against galamsey?

“If this is the attitude of the NDC, can we succeed in the fight against galamsey, it’s disgusting and it doesn’t suit Former president John Mahama who was once fighting against galamsey,” he continued.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com