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An exciting, emotional dive into the life of AY Poyoo: Upbringing and career

He is currently considered as the hottest internet sensation in Ghana with most social media users hailing him for his rap prowess.

The face of GH rap, as he refers to himself, has a trademark of storming studios with live goats and heavy metal chains around his neck.

The comedian cum rapper has a couple of freestyles including ‘Dw3?, ‘Campaign promise’, ‘Borga Borga’, and ‘Goat (Aponkye).

AY Poyoo who most of the times is seen bare-chested with a bald head takes his turn on Talkertainment.

He talks about his upbringing, educational background, entertainment career, social life, and so on.

The show premieres on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, at 8am

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