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Anas gets support from Swedish IT firm to expose corruption

Sweden-based technology and data platform provider, Klarity, has unveiled a collaboration with investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Tiger Eye Foundation, to fight corruption.

The collaboration will provide Ghanaians and other patrons globally, opportunity to record and upload videos of everyday corruption through JeSuisAnas.org, an online platform provided by Klarity.

Tiger Eye Foundation, an organisation with proven track record for fighting corruption in Ghana and Africa, will serve as Klarity’s partner.

Klarity, an independent non-religious, non-political neutral party is owned and funded by the Swedish not-for-profit foundation, Norrsken.

It believes real change can only come when laws are applied and also by fostering a mindset where corruption is not accepted.

Founder of Tiger Eye Foundation, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Klarity CEO Eliza Ku?cu?kaslan unveiled the collaboration in Denmark.

The JeSuisAnas.org platform has over 100 videos from Anas’ latest work on exposing corruption in Ghana football uploaded.

It is expected to connect citizens, activists and journalists in Ghana in the fight against corruption.

“We are very excited to be working with Klarity. After many years of working as an investigative journalist and with the Tiger Eye Foundation, I have witnessed the difficulty of exposing corruption first hand. This platform will allow us to expose not only grand corruption but also petty corruption in a safer way and help mobilise civil society to increase accountability on public institutions,” Anas said at a short ceremony.

Klarity will provide the technological infrastructure and digital tools to upload videos by Ghanaians on their daily encounter with corruption.

Tiger Eye, on the other hand, will serve as editors, mobilise and encourage activists to share more content and all forms of human right abuses on the platform .

Upon a successful rollout, Klarity hopes to extend the platform globally.

“We want to encourage the spread of democracy around the world, based on strong, transparent and well-functioning institutions that citizens can trust. Anas and Tiger Eye bring a deep and thorough understanding of activism and journalism to the table, while we provide the tools to engage citizens en masse and multiply their impact.

“We will continue to build partnerships with prominent organisations as we expand Klarity into new countries,” says Klarity CEO Eliza Ku?cu?kaslan.

Source: Myjoyonline.com
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