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Anas is fearless about his identity being exposed - Kweku Baako

The mentor of investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Mr Abdul Malik Kweku Baako says his protege remains unphased by attempts to expose his identity.

The undercover journalist (Anas) conceals his face whenever he makes a public appearance but following the release on his documentary on corruption in Ghanaian football titled #Number12 on June 6, there has been the release of a trove of images purported to be him.

Reacting to the latest release of such an image on social media platforms, Mr Baako said persons who are bent on exposing the identity of Anas are motivated by a "murderous intent" but his protege was not afraid.

Speaking on Accra based Peace FM’s Kokrokoo programme Wednesday morning Mr Baako said: "There's no fear in him (Anas), he's been empowered to the extent not to fear. If you have fear, you will have been neutralised, immobilised, that is what fear does and there is no fear in him. Fortunately, he's in good company when it comes to people who are not afraid of anything or anybody".

Mr Baako said he has made a conscious decision not be drawn on questions about Anas' identity but will interrogate allegations about his operations.


He said he found it interesting that certain persons had chosen to focus on Anas' identity and have circulated images purported to be the investigative journalist

Mr Baako stressed: "I wonder what the motive is? Because, If it is allegations of corruption, bribery, ineptitude, misconduct all that, that's fine. Those issues can be made and then we deal with it, but the very moment you are seeking... identify this man, is that him? Is that not him? I won't do it because I have been questioning the motive and what you seek to achieve with that.

"Especially, when in the last few weeks some people have been issuing threats against him... The motive in terms of the identity, I think is a very wicked one and I am not prepared to help anybody to continue engaging in that, that's the point. You must have a murderous intent to be concentrating on the issue of identity".

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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