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Anti-LGBTQ+ bill: 'I'm disappointed in Akoto Ampaw' - NPP man

Akoto Ampaw New Lawyer Akoto Ampaw

Fri, 8 Oct 2021 Source:

Communication team member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Kay Yeboah, is advocating for armed robbers to be granted rights to rob and kill all LGBTQI+ persons.

Nana Kay described LGBTQI+ activities as evil, criminal and against the human race.

He said the activities of LGBTQI+ persons is a threat to the family values and culture.

”If armed robbers want to rob, then we have to allow them so they will fire all the LGBTQI+ persons. It is their right too. If there are people who prefer to eat human bodies, let us allow them so they would kill all the LGBTQI+ persons and eat them.”

”It is madness, and we must not entertain it,” he stressed.

To him, we do not have to give them airtime to discuss the issue in the media since it is making them gain popularity.

”Have we gone crazy to the extent that we are allowing men to sleep with men and women sleeping with women? That is stupidity. That is horrible and disgusting,” he added.

Nana Kay further slammed the lawyers and academics who have opposed the anti-LGBTQI+ bill accusing them of being gays and lesbians.

He particularly slammed lawyer Akoto Ampaw, a member of the NPP wondering, why he would oppose the bill.

He said, the lawyer is being accused of being gay and that alone is an insult to the NPP.

”I am disappointed in lawyer Akito Ampaw. He is an NPP lawyer, but that is a guarantee for him to support stupidity. Is he also gay? Is he being sponsored to engage in this stupidity? People are now accusing him of being gay for the position he has taken.”

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