Any Olympics player caught betting will be sacked from the club – Coach Annor Walker warns

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Sat, 23 Apr 2022 Source: footballghana.com

Head coach of Accra Great Olympics FC, Annor Walker has cautioned his players against betting as he states that anyone caught in the act will be sacked from the club.

Ahead of the climax of the 2021/22 Ghana Premier League season, speculations of match-fixing and betting continuously make rounds.

Speaking to Kumasi-based Hello FM on the matter, Coach Annor Walker stated that Accra Great Olympics players who will be caught in the act will not have a seat in the club.

“I have warned my players not to involve themselves in betting. They do so at their own peril. I have told them that every player who gets caught will be sacked from the team, no matter his contribution to the entire team,” Coach Annor Walker said.

Meanwhile, the coach has vowed to have people who will contact him to use Accra Great Olympics games for betting to be arrested.

According to the veteran coach, betting and match-fixing should not be tolerated in the local league as it leads to the league losing its attractiveness.

“Our football is no longer attractive. This is not the kind of football or league we were involved in before going into coaching,” the experienced coach said in an interview with Hello FM in Kumasi.

Coach Annor Walker continued, “We didn’t hear of any betting, but now some people plan this betting before their matches. I have always said that if anyone calls me for such a thing, I will let the police arrest him or her.”

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Source: footballghana.com
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