Arrest and investigate Prof. Atuguba for coup statements – NPP Communicator

ProF Atuguba 300x300?fit=300%2C300&ssl=1 Professor Raymond Atuguba

Sat, 5 Mar 2022 Source: etvghana.com

Communication Team Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Saka Salia has called for the immediate arrest and investigation of the Dean of the University of Ghana School of Law, Prof. Raymond Atuguba.

Prof. Raymond Atuguba on February 28, 2022 delivered a lecture at Erata Hotel in Accra under the auspices of SOLIDAIRE Ghana.

The lecture, titled, ‘A Reviewed 1992 Constitution and Its Impact On The Economy Of Ghana: Looking Forward, among other things touched on the need for Ghana to accept and pass the controversial E-levy to prevent economic recession.

He also expressed his fear that Ghana may have a coup on its hands if urgent action is not taken by the state.

“We do not want a coup in this country. Yet I fear that if we do not act quickly, we may have one in our hands very soon,” he said concerning coups.

Describing this statement as a call for a coup, Saka Salia charged the government to treat him the same way as Fix The Country convener, Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor, who was arrested for similar comments.

In a panel discussion on the Epa Hoa Daben political talk show with Happy98.9FM’s Don Kwabena Prah, he said, “The NDC are coup mongers and I will employ that Prof. Raymond Atuguba is arrested and investigated. If he is not, it will be considered discrimination. The Ghanaian community will start thinking some people are above the law which is wrong.”

To him, the careless statement by Prof Atuguba is the new kind of politics being run by the opposition NDC. “They want to write their CVs and when they come to power say they were arrested for pushing the country’s agenda and should be given positions.”

Source: etvghana.com