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Arrested and abused: The story of a physically-challenged police informant

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Sun, 10 Apr 2022 Source:

Stephen Clinton, a physically-challenged man at Agona Odoben in the Central Region has detailed how he was allegedly arrested and abused by police officers after he informed them on the activities of a woman who deals in illegal substance.

In a narration to Kessben TV, Stephen Clinton said that after acting as an informant, he was invited by the police to help investigate the matter in question.

He was, however, handcuffed and beating to pulp by two police officers for no apparent reason.

He also alleged that the two officers while beating him, called him ‘stubborn boy’ for acting as an informant on the issue.

He claims to have sustained injuries and is unable to undertake his Okada business due to brutality meted to him.

Stephen Clinton believes that he is being subjected to such treatment because of his physical challenges.

“I was arrested with handcuff with my hands to the back. The police officer called another colleague and they both abused me. He kicked me in the leg and stepped in my stomach accusing me of being stubborn.

“They made me sit there for about five hours in the handcuff. I pleaded with them to allow me seek medical help but they didn’t listen. I feel pains and I can’t stand because of the beating”.

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