Avoid tribal, religious politics – Musah Superior warns Adorye, others

SUPERIOR MAN Musah Superior

Tue, 16 Aug 2022 Source: atinkaonline.com

One- time General Secretary aspirant of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Idrissu Musah Superior has urged politicians to avoid tribal and religious politics if they want to develop the country.

His advice comes after some tribal comments by Hopeson Adorye during a walk in Kumasi dubbed a “Walk for Alan”.

Speaking at a walk in Kumasi dubbed a “Walk for Alan”, Hopeson Adorye said that the vice-presidential slot of the party is an automatic slot for the Northerners in the NPP while that of the presidential spot switches between the Danquah and Busia lineages.

According to him, “Whenever a Danquah leads the party, the Busia side steps aside but there is a Dombo (for running mate), and whenever a Busia leads, the Danquah side steps aside but there is a Dombo (for running mate). As for the Dombos they are always there (for running mates).

“If it went to Danquah, came to Busia, went back to Danquah, where should it go now, is it not Busia?” He questioned.

Speaking on Atinka FM’s morning show, AM Drive with Kaakyire Ofori Ayim, Musah Superior said every political party that wants to develop this country must do things to unify this country irrespective of tribal or religious background.

“Let us avoid tribal and religious politics, it will not help us, we are one unit block. This country is one Ghana and every political party that wants to develop this country must do things to unify this country.

"Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, and Ashanti or whatever, they are all unnecessary, we are looking for a Ghanaian who has the right competencies to manage the affairs of the country. That is all that we are saying,” he added.

Meanwhile, Musah Superior said everyone had the right to be flag-bearer irrespective of their ethnicity or religion, saying that communicators must ensure to bring peace whenever they are given the opportunity to speak in public.

“Our party is a national party, the party belongs to everybody and so maybe we have to rebuild this Dombo, Dankwa tradition thing, we have to look at it and clear it from the system because it is worrying. The party is for everybody, every Ghanaian citizen is a Ghanaian entity.

"It is operating under the laws of Ghana, every Ghanaian citizen who wants to be a party member will pick a form and register as a party member but if we do our arguments based on ethnic or religious considerations, it does not help,” he said.

Source: atinkaonline.com
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