Politics Thu, 6 Sep 2012

Ayariga Under fire for flirting with NDC

Hassan Ayariga's fondness for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) as opposed to pursuing his own party's agenda for the impending general elections in December has ruffled the feathers of the leadership of the People's National Convention (PNC).

An apprehension about a possible sell-out to the NDC by Mr. Ayairga has incensed PNC Caucus for Strategic Progress (PCSCP), led by its National Coordinator, Atik Mohammed, who is demanding his resignation.

The suspicion is based on the fact that the PNC flag bearer is reportedly preparing to declare his unflinching support for the President John Mahama-led NDC in the December contest, a plan described as a political sellout.

Observers are wondering why a flag bearer could concentrate more on enhancing his relationship with a particular party instead of leading his own party to victory in 2012.

A party which produced the first northern president in 1979 has lost touch completely with the electorate while Mr. Ayariga has become an object of suspicion by the rank and file of the party and even some section of the public.

Coincidentally, it was the Provisional National Defence Council ( PNDC), which metamorphosed into the NDC (with whom Ayariga is flirting), that overthrew the PNDC-led government on 31st December 1981 in a coup d' etat.

There is no doubt that Mr. Ayariga's continuous flirtation with the NDC is widening the gap between him and his party executives but he has most of the time returned 'fire' by justifying his actions.

For instance, when then President Hohn Evans Atta Mills returned from a 'routine' medical check-up in the United States, he was among the appointees that met met ailing Prof. Mills on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport.

He later justified his presence at the airport by insisting that he was helping to deepen democracy, an explanation some of his party executives took with a pinch of salt.

According to Atik Mohammed, the PCSP had had enough of the flag bearer and was ready to move ''to save the PNC from deterioration”.

“The PNC-CPSP wishes to indicate its unconditional desire to save the PNC from deterioration in the hands of its flag bearer whose actions are gravitation towards political irrelevance.

“The flag bearer has been engaged in practices that are not only treasonable to the party's survival, but also mock its followers who have for years held it together.

“We demanded, as a measure to curb this destructive journey the flag bearer had embarked upon, an apology resignation within two weeks from the flag bearer,” he said.

He added that the attempt by the caucus to force the flag bearer out of his position stalled because of the untimely death of President Mills.

“The deadline for the ultimatum was supposed to expire on the 26th of July, 2012, after which the caucus would take a decisive action. Unfortunately former President Mills passed on two days earlier, thus stalling the caucus's activities.

“However, the funeral and all other matters have ended and the presidential candidate has still not done as demanded. We have therefore decided to resume action this time with renewed vigor, more especially that he has doubled his efforts at cheapening the party and expanding the opportunities for its 'possible sale' to the highest bidder,” he added.

Atik Mohammed said they had petitioned the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the PNC for immediate action, and that failure to honor the petition 'will leave us with no option but to resort to other equally effective remedies”.

“We wish to inform the NEC that their action on this petition and swiftly so, is imperative for the salvation of our dear party. And need we remind them that our teeming supporters and sympathizers whose hope Ayariga has nibbled away are watching with curious eyes about what they do or fail to do.”

The caucus said it was affirming its support for as many as PNC parliamentary candidates as it could afford in order to maximize the party's representation in the next parliament.

A cynic remarked, “when a flag bearer of a political party is on the payroll of a more endowed grouping and receiving logistic support from it, what do you expect? These are interesting times in the history of the PNC. Principled men like Atik and others would have to expedite their intended action before the man embarrasses by the weird declaration.”
Source: Daily Guide