Ayisha Modi tried to destroy my 7-year-old friendship with Tracey Boakye – Afia Schwarzenegger

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Mon, 29 Nov 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Afia Schwarzenegger tackles Ayisha Modi again

Afia Schwarzenegger discloses the root cause of her feud with Ayisha Modi

Afia Schwarzenegger extols Tracey Boakye

Controversial Ghanaian comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger, has disclosed that Ayisha Modi once tried to jeopardize her 7-year old beautiful friendship with Tracey Boakye.

One can recall that the two (Afia and Ayisha) have had a longstanding feud on social media although the main trigger was at the blind side of the public.

In what appeared to be a ‘messy fight’, the two spilled nasty secrets about each other such that at a point, it even took a spiritual turn.

But touching on the root cause of their feud, Afia said it is because Ayisha’s plans to destroy her friendship with Tracey Boakye failed.

Afia said Ayisha who at a point was desperately seeking her friendship tried to come in between Tracey Boakye and herself.

Giving a vivid narration of the issue, Afia in an interview with Abeiku Santana said;

“I won’t sit here and glorify that thing for a minute. Let’s talk about a human being. When Ayisha Modi met me, Tracey Boakye was my friend but she wanted to create confusion between us. She once called me and told me to be careful about Tracey Boakye. Ayisha said Tracey is going round gossiping about me. So I weighed the pros and cons. I analysed the whole thing just to find out who my friend is and who is just trying to belong? I’ve known Tracey for over 7-years and she hasn’t done anything that will require me to be careful about her. In the span of seven years, she hasn’t insulted me or done anything questionable to me.

“I called Tracey to inform her about what Ayisha said and she denied it. So Tracey and I blocked Ayisha Modi. Five months later she called Tracey and told her to be careful about me. She told Tracey that I’ve been gossiping about her baby daddy. But it was too late because, at that time, Tracey and I had already schemed against her. Tracey told me about Ayisha’s call and we laughed at her. Ayisha has never been my friend, she is my fan,” she added

Afia said Ayisha has never been her friend as the public perceived.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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