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Black Sherif’s consistency has helped him grow in the music industry - M.anifest

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Wed, 25 Oct 2023 Source:

Ghanaian singer cum rapper, Kwame Tsikata popularly known as M.anifest has hailed musician, Black Sherif, for his consistency in the creative arts industry in terms of his personal branding.

According to him, the successes chalked by Black Sherif at such a young age by winning a BET award indicate that the future of Ghana music is bright and more talents would be unearthed to help grow the music industry.

The rapper lauded Black Sherif for staying true to himself and not yielding to the pressure in the music industry to alter his branding.

He believes this has helped him to establish himself in the music industry and paved the way for him to attain higher heights on the global stage.

“I can talk about the people who make the music. It's already happening. Black Sharif is one of them, no doubt. Aside him being gifted, he is clearly following his destiny and has an awareness of his age. I have listened to him speak in interviews, and I can see a steady growth.

"He is really following his destiny and not afraid of death. He is not afraid to shy away from being himself and that always resonates with people. A lot of people do what they think people like,” M.anifest said in an interview with Pulse TV and monitored by GhanaWeb.

M.anifest further asserted that the future of the creative arts industry looks promising considering the achievements of young artistes.

“I would say that I can see more Ghanaian music creatives doing some of the most astonishing things globally. We are already seeing that and it is happening. I'm just hoping there will be more people, but there will definitely be more success stories globally for us to look at in the industry. I can talk about the people who make the music. It's already happening,” said M.anifest.

Black Sherif recently won the Best International Flow category award at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards.


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