Blacks still blaming slave trade long after it has ended – Captain Smart

Captain Smart New New Captain Smart is a host on Onua TV

Thu, 30 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Outspoken radio presenter, Captain Smart has commented about corruption among Blacks stressing that it was ununderstandable that Africa remains poor.

Speaking on a Special Edition of the Onua TV Xmas Show that aired on Thursday, December 30, 2021, he spoke about why he cannot be convinced about why Africa is poor.

“I don’t understand why Africa is poor and no one can convince me why Africa is poor. Even God is pained about Blacks, when God sees Blacks, he becomes disturbed…. God gets angry when he sees Blacks.

He continued: “God organized the earth by segregating land and all elements but God also purposefully gave Blacks all things good in the form of gold, diamond, silver and added knowledge on how to benefit from them and how to dispose off the residue.

“Blacks declared ourselves useless. People should stop disturbing us about being victims of white people. For over 400 years, the whites lorded over us and left and we are still complaining about slave trade,” he added.

Captain Smart was reacting to recent comments by musician Sonny Achiba.

In 2019, government officially declared the year as 'Year of Return' to coincide with the 400 year anniversary since the first slave shipment left Ghana’s coast for the United States.

The West African coast has a history of being one of Africa’s main shipping points for slaves.

The transatlantic slave trade from West Africa to the Americas lasted centuries.

Cape Coast, west of the capital city of Accra, is home to more than 30 dungeons where slaves were held in captivity by European colonies before being transported to the United States, South America and the Caribbean to work on plantations, the Globe News portal said in a 2020 report on Year of Return programme.

Listen to Smart's submission starting from the 2hour:13 minutes mark

Achiba in an interview in mid-December 2021 with Onua FM’s Christian Agyei Frimpong on Anigye Mmere, spoke about the superiority of whites over Blacks and justified his views.

“May God bless the white man. God bless the Whites. The Black race should be eaten like rats. What’s wrong if they eat us? What’s wrong? White people care for the human race. They’ve built systems for their people. Even dogs are enjoying abroad more than Ghanaians.

“The kind of attention given to animals there is mind-boggling because if they have to do surgery on animals to survive, they will. But in Ghana, we beg for money on television and radio stations for people in need of common health care. Are you not foolish? Are you not stupid? Stupid is stupid. If I qualify it, it will reduce the word,” Sonny Achiba stated.

“The kind of farming they do abroad is amazing. Look at the kind of land we have here in Ghana. The last time I went to Sunyani, the vast land there. As well as Kumasi to Accra, we have fertile lands.

"So if we are we’re hungry to the extent of importing food, aren’t we foolish? Are we not stupid?” he quizzed.

Sonny Achiba is now a music producer with a record label, and his new signee is Queen Peezy.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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