Blame politicians for your hard life, not satan - Yvonne Nelson

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Tue, 14 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Yvonne Nelson fights politicians

You deserve every bit of suffering you endure, Yvonne Nelson tells Ghanaians

Ghanaians urged to stop over-pampering politicians

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson, has directed Ghanaians to channel their anger over their unfavourable economic and living conditions to politicians in the country instead of the devil.

According to the famed actress, Satan or any mystic entity can not be blamed for the outcome and effects of bad decisions taken by leaders.

The only people to be blamed and held accountable for the living conditions are the politicians, she asserted in a tweet.

“You think satan is on earth making your life difficult? It’s the politician, I can assure you of that!”

This comment by Yvonne Nelson was met with swift opposition from people who argued on religious grounds that the devil cannot be left out of the equation. Others also argued that the actress was just being partisan.

Responding to the reactions from fans in a rebuttal tweet, Yvonne Nelson stated that she could understand the prolonged suffering of Ghanaians because they unnecessarily pamper politicians.

“From the comments, you’d understand why the people keep suffering. The people themselves pamper politicians. I guess you all deserve how they treat you then. I pray you to receive sense! I will block you if you bring your partisan self here,” Yvonne’s response to her critics read.

Yvonne Nelson over the years through her deeds has established herself as a political activist. In 2015, she led a ‘Dumsor” Virgil to petition the government for a regular supply of electricity. Check out the tweets.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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