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Bloggers’ Forum now E-Forum with even more riveting, refreshing conversations

Abrantepa E Forum.jpeg E-Forum returns on September 30, 2022.

Mon, 26 Sep 2022 Source:

After running for two and half years, garnering considerably wide audience appeal and shaping the showbiz industry through relevant, compelling and critical discourse with analytical writers in the arts, GhanaWeb’s entertainment review talk show, Bloggers’ Forum, returns as E-Forum and promises to be as engaging as possible.

E-Forum will assemble thought leaders and practitioners in the arts and entertainment space to deliberate and interrogate lifestyle, culture, policy, etc. and how they relate with and promote arts and tourism more broadly.

The show maintains ‘Abrantepa’ Benefo Buabeng who has worked in various capacities across multiple domains in broadcasting and digital journalism with overlapping duties in public relations, brand management, events promotion and emceeing for over a decade as the host.

As exhibited on Bloggers’ Forum, Abrantepa will combine his astute knowledge of politics and culture with his background in Theatre Arts to steer controversial, yet progressive discourse to benefit the ecosystem.

“If feels good to be back after a three-month break. I know our viewers have missed us and can’t wait to have us serve them what we’ve got up our sleeves. Indeed, we’ve taken time to deliberate on the new phase of the show and we are more than ready to take off,” said Abrantepa.

“Beyond the change of name, we’ve considered a change of setting in our quest to breathe fresh air into the programme. We’ve got some interesting additions including events coverage, updates and a hangout with celebrities. I bet you can’t afford to miss any edition of E-Forum; it’s a total package.”

E-Forum will be available on GhanaWeb TV from September 30, 2022.

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