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Bridget Otoo calls on Police to arrest suspected govt worker who abused commercial sex worker

Journalist Bright Otoo

Sat, 12 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Bright Otoo calls on police to arrest man who allegedly assaulted a sex worker

Govt worker accused of assaulting a sex worker

I was demanding a better price from him – Abused woman

Journalist Bright Otoo has called on the Ghana Police Service to arrest a man captured in a video assaulting an alleged sex worker.

A video shared by Bright Otoo on her Twitter handle showed a man driving a government vehicle physically abusing a young woman.

The woman with bruises and bloodstains on her head is heard saying in Fanti, “… look at what he has done to me. I was standing somewhere working, and he came to pick me up. Look at what he has done to me. You paid me, and I said the pay is small. I did whatever he wanted me to do. I said the price he was giving me was too small, so I will not get out of his car. Look at what he has done to me. I would keep screaming for everybody to come and see what he has done to me.”

An onlooker is also heard saying, “I saw you (the man accused of assaulting the worker) hitting her head with an item. You are a government worker; how can you beat a lady for her face to deform like this. You don’t know the lady from anywhere, see what you have done to her. Look, there is blood all over her hand. I will report you.”


The alleged government worker said, “I told her to get down from my car.”

Bridget Otoo has appealed to the police to arrest the man who was driving the GV-126-16 vehicle.

She has also called on the public to provide information on the woman who was abused.

“You use a government Vehicle (GV-126-16) to pick “a commercial sex worker”, after enjoying yourself, you failed to pay her and physically assault her!! @GhPoliceService let’s find him and arrest him. I also want to find the woman. She needs help so please let’s locate her,” a tweet by Bridget Otoo read.

Watch video of the woman being assaulted below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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