British-owned Cadbury benefiting from use of under-age children on cocoa farms

Footage Appears To Show Children Using Machetes Credit: DISPATCHES CHANNEL 4 Footage appears to show children using machetes Credit: DISPATCHES/CHANNEL 4

Sat, 9 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Government of Ghana yet to respond to forced child labour allegations

Children on cocoa farms earn as a little as £2 per day - Report

British confectionery company, Cadbury is facing huge allegations of profiting from child labour activities across cocoa farms in Ghana.

According to a report by UK-based The Times, some farmers who supply Cadbury with cocoa have been using children, as young as 10 years old, who work long hours on their farms.

The illegal activity was discovered after a current affairs investigative programme, Channel 4 Dispatches concluded that some children in Ghana, who ought to have been in school, were being forced to work on these cocoa farms with machetes and knives.

The investigation further discovered that the farms belong to some Ghanaians farmers who are beneficiaries of Cadbury’s Cocoa Life programme, which is partly aimed at eradicating child labour from its supply chain.

The Times UK reports that the investigative team posed as climate change researchers who were informed that the children were being forced to quit school and leave their families in order to work on these cocoa farms.

These children, according to the investigation, were said to have been earning as low as £2 per day which is less than GH¢20 under Cadbury’s Cocoa Life programme.

Meanwhile, The Government of Ghana and Cadbury is yet to officially respond to these allegations as at the time of filing this report.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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