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Broad day gang robbery - telecoms, media conspiracy

The notoriety of telecommunication companies within Ghana in the cycle of provocation, abuse and poor services is nauseating.

Load your phone with airtime and it shall be dissipated in seconds or simply load your phone over the night and by morning it shall vanish leaving you at each instance wondering whom you last called and for how long you spoke.

The coming of MTN, TIGO, Airtel, Vodaphone, etc. was hailed as a breakthrough in Ghana's development as their presence made information dissemination easy contrary to the time consuming postal services.

However, the spate of abuse and disrespect meted to subscribers on daily bases is nauseating, making the use of mobile phones an 'unbearable liability.'

By fetish promotions, our phones are ferociously flooded with junk messages and needless pre-recorded auto-play phone calls; seeking attention from customers for poor services.

The mundane 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' promotions are the order of the day, in their quest to entice unsuspecting customers to sign up to 'ghost-winner' and 'never-ending' promotions.


Moreover, they jointly with the media showcase 'all is well' cheap communist media propaganda as cover up and further lure unsuspecting customers onboard - who always get disappointed referencing the poor services rendered.

The media understandably are tamed or compromised in executing their societal sentinel role to avoid exclusion from adverting packages.

An attempt to 'mobile-port' to another network may result in 'jumping from frying pan into fire', rendering the act of porting not a panacea to the telecom mishap. To be blunt, escaping from 'a-minute-by-minute' junk messaging and needless pre-recorded auto-play phone calls may land you to a network that deduct credit even at phone beeps - 'professional credit robbers' or one that tells you 'a switched on phone' is 'out of coverage area' .

Try a call for remedy to their customer service center and you may end up being on the phone for over an hour and where the call is answered early, you are met with 'hear-complaint-only-robots' who have no power to remedy but to further lodge the complaint that may take forever to be remedied.

If depression is really a factor for the short life span of Ghanaians, then, conclusively, these mobile telecommunication companies have and are facilitating the death of many.


The National Communications Authority should up their monitoring role and compel these communication companies to focus at providing quality services at a rate of 99% and not the needless promotions, media propaganda and 'cursed gifts'.

Written By: Paul Obeng Atiemo

Blogger:- www.opatiemo.blogspot.com

Email: paulaoben@yahoo.com

Columnist: Atiemo, Paul Obeng