Brother Sammy discloses the only thing that can change a prostitute

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Tue, 5 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Brother Sammy speaks on his ‘soul winning’ techniques

Prayers don’t change prostitutes, according to Brother Sammy

Brother Sammy offers steps in changing prostitutes, weed smokers

Popular Ghanaian gospel singer, Brother Sammy, has disclosed that no amount of prayers can compel a prostitute to change from her waywardness but money can.

The controversial singer said not everyone who practices prostitution is evil, adding that, financial constraints mostly drive people into such fields.

By this, he meant that in other to convert a prostitute, her needs must be taken into consideration particularly if she has kids.

According to Brother Sammy, money for upkeep should be sent to her every morning and a small business should be set up for her.

He made these statements during a discussion with OkayFM’s Abeiku Santana.

“If you want a woman to stop prostituting, first ask her if she has kids, if the answer is yes, send her money every morning to take her children to school. Look for a decent job for her to do to keep her busy and at the same time give her some income. Prayers cannot change a prostitute, money does. Some people prostitute just to get something small to feed their children.”

Brother Sammy cited an instance where he once cautioned a ‘wayside’ evangelist against embarrassing a lady who was indecently dressed.

“I was roaming the streets of Kejetia and a certain man was preaching. Not too long a lady passed by right Infront of the pastor. She wore tight trousers and her butt was shaking rigorously. The pastor followed the lady and embarrassed her. I approached him and told him this is not the best way to win souls. I told him it will take a lot to convert these kinds of people. You don’t know the kind of home training she had. Maybe where she comes from this dressing is very appropriate. That’s all she had known since childhood. I told the pastor that what he did just chased the lady away. She won't dare pass the exact place anymore.”

Touching further on some techniques for winning souls, Brother Sammy said If he has to smoke weed to lure smokers into accepting Christ, then he will.

“If I have to smoke weed to befriend smokers in other to change them, then I will. I don’t some but if that’s the only way out, then I’ll do it.” He told Abeiku Santana.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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