Business News Thu, 3 Mar 2016

Businesses to end strike today

Business operators belonging to the Joint Private Sector Business Consultative Forum are expected to open their shops to customers from today.

A statement issued by the Forum and copied to Citi Business News called on the operators to heed the directive while they await the next line of action.

The business operators have for the past three days closed their shops as part of measures to get their grievances addressed by government.

They maintain that the high taxes are adversely impacting their businesses compelling some of them to lay off workers.


Commenting on the latest move, the Executive Secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association, Sampson Asaaki Awingobit explained to Citi Business News, leadership are surprised by government’s inability to reply to their demands as agreed on yesterday.

“We were surprised to hear the Deputy Minister once again having said that government understands our grievances and that it will take the pain to meet us and we called off the extension to other regions,” Sampson Asaaki stated.

He further lamented, “Not even a telephone call what we just heard from George Ofori was that government was working to get back to us. We should know that is an issue of national interest how long can we wait for government’s response? I think government is playing games with us or the Deputy Minister is not telling us the truth.”

Source: citifmonline.com