COVID-19 restrictions may come in Christmas – Government hints

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Sat, 27 Nov 2021 Source: starrfm.com.gh

The Deputy Minister of Health, Mohammed Asei Seini, has hinted that government may impose some restrictions this yuletide to help sustain gains made in reducing the spread of Covid-19 in Ghana and avert a third wave.

He said people without COVID-19 vaccination cards may be blocked from participating in public events and activities this Christmas and new year seasons as part of the measures.

“Even in Germany now and many countries they intend to introduce the card If you go for vaccination then let them give you card. Germany say if you don’t have a card you can’t move to public places so if we don’t take time this Christmas if you don’t have a card you can’t even go and mingle with your brother somewhere to go and celebrate Christmas. So those restrictions are there.”

He added “so the restriction will come. Whilst you go to Europe you need to show it and when you are coming to Ghana you also need to show it. So as for the restrictions, it will come.So that is why you are encouraged to go for the vaccination and get your card."

Alhaji Mohammed Asei Seini, who is also MP for Daboya Mankarigu constituency in the savanna region, bemoaned that misconceptions and conspiracy theories about the vaccines are fueling hesitancy hence urging the media to help correct these erroneous impressions.

“People who are of the view that the vaccines do not work and for that matter the vaccines will reduce your manhood if you are male and you vaccinated and also the vaccines were introduced to reduce the African population are all not true but rather a misconception which may rather lead to a high surge of covid cases and deaths.

He demonstrated that “countries which were skeptical about the efficacy of covid vaccines are now dying on an alarming rate, so this is one of the more reasons why Ghanaians should take the jabs serious and get vaccinated.”

According to the Deputy Minister, Ghana will roll out the boosters to reach 20 to 25 million vaccination target.

He said vaccination of senior high students and distribution of the vaccines to rural areas with the help of the medical drones would help increase the coverage.

“so far we are between 6 million to 9 million now and very soon when we finish we will do the boosters as well. so please educate the people. The vaccines are correct and they will prevent you from Covid-19 infecting you. We have enough vaccines”.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Mohammed Asie Seini said this during the 13th annual meeting of Health Accounting Staff Association of Ghana (HASAG) under the theme ” Managing the Effect of covid 19 on health service delivery, the role of the finance and the internal audit Professionals."

The Deputy Minister said, government has resolved the poor condition of Service of Health accountants and submitted same to Controller and Accountant General Department.

He expressed his regret by saying "it is sad to note the huge gap in terms of remuneration from other agency members with the same qualification and grades, for that matter my attention has been drawn by the controller and accountant general and they have scheduled a meeting to help resolve the issue.

On his part, the Eastern Regional Minister, Seth Kwame Acheampong commended the association their immense contribution to 1 bold to work for mother Ghana amidst covid 19 pandemic era. He said the government will continue to work cordially with the association and address their concerns.

The National President of Health Accounting Staff Association of Ghana (HASAG) Sadik Mohammed Nuri Laskaya called prudent management and transparent accountability of the covid emergency funds.

He hinted that the leadership of the association is considering the establishment of providence funds (Tier 3) for all its members as a retirement package in order to ease the hardship members endure during their retirement period.

Source: starrfm.com.gh