COVID-19 vaccine: 'No vaccine, no sex' for South Africa fit work?

Thu, 23 Sep 2021 Source: www.bbc.com

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Di pesin wey dey in charge of health policy don suggest sey make women withhold sex from men wey never take di covid19 vaccine, local media report.

Dis one follow report wey show sey di number of men wey don take di vaccine dey small.

About 62% of di vaccinated population for di mainly rural province na women, wit men accounting for 38%, according to di report.

Dis dey happen for South Africa wia Daily Maverick quote di Eastern Cape's Nomakhosazana Meth as saying "I believe sey na good idea to say, 'no vaccine, no sex', especially for unmarried women. E go protect both of you."

Covid19 vaccination record for South Africa

More dan a million people don collect di vaccine so far for di Eastern Cape and di province hope to reach a target of two million by di end of di year and 4.5 million by April next year.

Nomakhosazana Meth wey dey in charge of health policy for one province for South Africa express concern sey di number of men wey dey go collect di jab dey "too low" and call for dem "to do di right thing".

She say dem dey target dia campaigns to places wia dem fit reach men including for places wia dem dey jolly, restaurants and bar - as well as to work wit traditional leaders for rural areas.

Meth add sey dem dey gather scientific evidence on why men dey avoid to take di covid19 vaccine.

Nationally, 14% of di population don dey fully vaccinated, according to Our World in Data, and di goment dey hope to increase di number by 67% by di end of di year.

Source: www.bbc.com
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