General News Wed, 11 Feb 2004

CPP Launches Campaign For General Election

The Convention Peoples? Party (CPP), yesterday launched its campaign for this year?s general elections in Accra with a call by the flagbearer Comrade George Aggudey on the leadership of the country to strive to meet the social and economic wellbeing of the people.

? It is an undeniable fact that the people would not mind leaders living well if they do not go to sleep in their comfort and forget their basic needs and expectations,? he said.

According to him, the problems ? of this country is due to the lack of good leadership to harness and utilise the abundant human and natural resources to enable the broad masses of the people to lead dignified , decent and meaningful lives,?

The CPP flagbearer said since the overthrow of the CPP in 1966, Ghana had been bedevilled by poor and bad leadership which he claimed had led to the economy becoming a neo-colonial one and whose people also continue to suffer considerably due to anti-human policies and programmes , pursued by governments after Nkrumah.

Comrade Aggudey further attributed the nation?s problems to over-dependence on foreign assistance and support. ?The first thing that we as Ghanaians must do to be free is to take our mouths from the kitchen of our slave masters and build for ourselves , kitchens tailored to our needs and aspirations,? he said.


He said a CPP government would turn the countryside of Ghana into rich agricultural lands for the production of food and raw materials to feed the people and local industries, majority of which he said have collapsed and their workers declared redundant.

?It is the strong belief of the CPP leadership and rank and file members that Ghana is rich. She has been endowed by almighty God with tremendous untapped and unspoiled natural resources which unfortunately have been handed over to neo-colonial agents and collaborators by governments after Nkrumah.

The CPP flagbearer noted that economic independence , which the country is striving for and which had eluded her, could only be earned through self-development and not over-depending on donor assistance.

?I have never seen more begging in my life than the last 15 years by governments that have managed the country who have continuously pestered the developed world for certain form of assistance like food which could have been grown in sufficient quantities by ourselves,? Comrade Aggudey said.

He stated the case of India with a population of over one billion which is self-sufficient in food production stressing that ? it beats my intelligence why Ghana with a population of less than 20 million depends on food aid.? The CPP flagbearer assured that a government of his would implement a grand vision to bail the vast majority of the people from what he termed ? their present state of hopelessness and helplessness,.


?The expectations of the Ghanaian electorate on the CPP to take them out of the present economic doldrums and social deprivation is enormous that the leadership of the party cannot shirk that responsibility but accept the challenge and strive to win political power to offer them better opportunities for their development.

The leader and National Chairman of the party, Dr Edmund Delle called on functionaries of the party to work hard in the coming months to encourage more people to join the ranks of the party.He contended that even though the fight to win political power would not be an easy task,? with unity and co-operation, we would be able to convince the masses to endorse us as the next government in this year?s general elections.

Present at the ceremony were Safohen Araba Bentis-Enchill, Comrades Mike Eghan, Nii Noi Dowuona and all national executive officers of the party

Source: Graphic