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Capacity and competence matters than physical disability – Goosie Tanoh

Another flagbearer hopeful of the NDC, Goosie Tanoh, disagreed with Mr. Bagbin for dismissing the capabilities of two of then-President John Mahama’s appointees because they had some form of disability.

Mr. Bagbin said the appointment of Dr. Edward Omane Boamah and Dr. Henry Seidu Danaa as Minister for Communications and Minister for Chieftaincy respectively contributed to the NDC election 2016 defeat because the former was a stammerer, and the latter was visually impaired, making it difficult for them to be effective.

“Traditionally, if you are not a whole person can you be a chief? Can you be a queen mother? So if you are going to appoint the minister of chieftaincy and you appoint a very bright lawyer who unfortunately is blind what are you telling the chiefs? The chiefs rejected it, and they spoke, we refused to change him. Do you expect them to vote for you?” – Alban Bagbin

But speaking on Citi TV’s Point of View, Mr. Tanoh said such appointments by then-President Mahama were progressive and an affirmation of the constitution.

“I would think that if you are appointed somebody who had any kind of disability because of the competence and merits and capacity; that is a good thing.”

“[If you appoint somebody] who is blind, but has the capacity and ability, then you are fulfilling the constitution which says no discrimination. I believe that we must look at some of these things in the proper context of the values that our constitution support,” Mr. Tanoh remarked.


Bagbin must resign

Mr. Bagbin has faced harsher criticism for his comments while speaking to delegates in the Volta Region with an NDC Deputy National Communications Officer, Jacob Atule Adongo, calling for his immediate resignation.

Mr. Adongo, who is visually impaired, also demanded an apology.

“He [Alban Bagin] has disappointed me and has made comments that I think must lead him to resign as an MP and deputy speaker and apologize to all persons with disability.”

“You are telling them [delegates] that persons with physical challenges are not competent. I am going to lead a crusade, and call all persons with disability to lead that crusade to force this man out of Parliament. He must leave Parliament; he must resign as deputy speaker of parliament and Parliament as an institution must cause him to be impeached.

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