Business News Sat, 31 Jul 2021

Chalé Socks flexes first ever sweater collection

In social media parlance, a Plug is someone or organization with a reputation of being a reliable source of goods or services.

To earn this enviable accolade of being a plug, a person or business entity must have established itself as the preferred choice of Ghanaians when it comes to the specific commodity or service it offers.

So, who is Ghana’s ‘plug’ for authentic and colorful socks? Only one name comes to mind – Chalé Socks

Since 2015 when designer Kudjo and brother Mawunyo embarked on a journey to deliver modern fashion pieces refined by African design and craftsmanship.

Chalé Socks, a sub-brand of Chale Clothing was born. The brand has been at the forefront promoting and telling stories of strong African heritage through well crafted socks range.

Designs combine Ghanaian and African folklore and cultural symbolism refined by modern craftsmanship to make statement pieces.

Bold and expressive, Chalé Socks currently feature three design categories—Adinkra, Kente, and Afrocentric.

In 2019, their strides yielded an international collaboration with PANAFRICA, a Paris based shoe brand to create the ‘Good vibes only’ socks collection, which introduced the Afrocentric range and sold out fan favorites; Red Diamonds, Wawa Ba, Duafe Retro and Mon Afriqué

Having gained popularity on the Ghanaian and African market, Chalé Socks is set to break new ground in the knitwear apparel space with the launch of the sweater range—which draws inspiration from their signature patterns—Maakye, Gye Nyame, and Chaskele. “These will be the coolest sweaters you will find anywhere. They are limited editions”

“We aim to make people feel unique and proud in our sweaters” The brothers said.

The move by the fashion company Chale Clothing Limited is to leverage the strength and popularity of the Chalé Socks brand while transitioning into new product niches.

The Chalé Sweater collection are bold and unique statement pieces with a matching pair of socks for the full Chalé experience.

Sales proceeds from the sweater collection will contribute to the brand’s charity initiative — which donates a pair of custom-made shoes to needy children in deprived communities.

Source: Chalé Socks