Change Mahama and Kufuor will lose control over NDC - Stephen Ashitey Adjei

John Dramani Mahama 1 John Dramani Mahama

Tue, 29 Mar 2022 Source: Richard Asamoah

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor, has been the de facto leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the ten years that Mahama has led the NDC.

And the NDC has in all this period, been losing elections because Kufuor has been misadvising John Mahama.

For the NDC to have its independence from Kufuor, the only way is to change John Mahama as the leader of the NDC.

This is according to Stephen Ashitey Adjei, the Tema East National Democratic Congress (NDC) Executive member who has been clamouring for the party to change Mahama as its leader.

“So long as John Mahama remains as our leader, then we might as well call Kufuor and make him our flagbearer because Mahama is the frontman for Kufuor,” the man who is called Moshake wrote.

According to him, Kufuor’s control over John Mahama was the cause of the bitter relationship that Mr. Mahama had with former President Rawlings throughout his presidency.

“Rawlings found out that Mahama was dining with the NDC’s chief enemy when he visited Mahama’s house and met Kufuor having a secret meeting with him. After this, Mahama hid Kufuor in an inner chamber and refused to see Rawlings but Rawlings found out.”

Moshake added that, “it was Kufuor who therefore advised Mahama not to prosecute Kufuor’s appointees who had been indicted of corruption and this advice is what annoyed Rawlings because Rawlings had wanted to see justice done.

“Kufuor also advised Mahama to silence the likes of Dr. Tony Aidoo, who had been trying to keep the NDC government on proper footing in power,” Moshake wrote.

Explaining the root of former President Kufuor’s alleged control over Mahama, he said it stems from a relationship that existed between Mr. Kufuor and the step mother of John Mahama, that is Ibrahim Mahama’s mother.

“Many in the NDC do not know that Ibrahim Mahama is originally an NPP man even though he probably enjoyed more contracts under his brother’s government than anyone else. It is through this family relationship that Kufuor became the political godfather of Mahama.”

He warned the NDC that “Kufuor’s influence has not waned and now Kufuor wants Alan Kyeremanten to be president. If we make Mahama our flagbearer for 2024, then we might as well forget about the election because Kufuor will definitely misadvice Mahama to lose again so that the NPP continues in power.”

He therefore urged the party to “elect anyone else, apart from Mahama, for the 2024 flagbearership.”

Source: Richard Asamoah